Tooth Replacement

When it comes to smiles with missing or damaged teeth, dentures provide a common solution. They offer cosmetic advantages and functionality improvements after tooth loss. Even better, recent developments make dentures look more natural and feel more comfortable.

Here at Saanich Dental Group, we recommend dentures in Victoria, BC to many of our clients. We design each one to fit your bite and colour of your teeth. Let us help you decide whether dentures are right for you.

Get Familiar with Your Denture Options

Dentures replace multiple teeth or all of your teeth. Choose between the different available dentures in Victoria, BC which include:

Partial Dentures

If you have natural teeth remaining, partial dentures may be the solution. These products attach to the teeth with metal fasteners. In some cases, dentists anchor partial dentures to a crown rather than to natural teeth.

Immediate Full Dentures

If you have a dental issue that requires us to remove all of your teeth, you can receive immediate full dentures to replace them. The procedure allows you to avoid spending time without the use of natural or false teeth. However, keep in mind that the healing process may cause the dentures to loosen. A quick relining after a few months will resolve any potential problems.

Conventional Full Dentures

Sometimes after complete teeth extraction, we recommend that our patients allow the gums to heal before they receive dentures. In these cases, patients receive dentures that closely fit their new gum line.

Arrange an Appointment

Do you have gaps in your smile or damaged teeth? If so, our dentists may recommend dentures or possibly implants in combination as a solution. If you give our office a call, we can get started on your diagnosis and treatment plan. Our dentists and friendly staff will answer any questions you have. Reach us at 250-477-7321.