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A dental bridge is an oral appliance that is designed to bridge the gap between two teeth.

A bridge can be anchored between two existing teeth in your mouth. In this process, the exterior portion of the tooth may be reduced to better accommodate the device. This option uses the current structure of your teeth to anchor the bridge, but may not be suitable in some situations.

Alternatively, the bridge may also be attached between two dental implants if there are no suitable ways to anchoring it with your teeth. This process involves a surgical procedure to implant a titanium fixture into your jawbone. This fixture is designed to serve as the anchoring point for the bridge. This option is not suitable for everybody, and you should consult with a healthcare professional to decide what the best course of action is.

Like any oral appliance, you may also wish to consider the look of the device. This should be a secondary concern compared to your oral health, but we understand it may be a concern. There is quite a variety in dental bridges. Many can be composed of porcelain or ceramics, a material that is traditionally whiter than metallic alternatives. However, bridges can also be metallic in colour. No matter which your preference is, you should discuss your options with an oral health professional, such as our Victoria, BC Dentists.

There is an associated risk of leaving a significant gap between teeth untreated as it has the potential to lead to further health issues. As such, it would be best to discuss with an oral healthcare professional if you feel that your teeth are experiencing unwanted stress. This stress may occur during tasks such as chewing. If you have noticed degradation such as chips or cracks in a tooth, please visit a professional soon.

If you are considering using a dental bridges as part of your oral health, then we invite you to get more information. You should consult with a dental health professional, such as Saanich Dental Group, for the exact requirements and concern of the procedure. If you are looking to speak with us, contact us today or request an appointment online. If you are a student, we will gladly be your University of Victoria dentist.