Tooth Coloured Bonded Fillings Victoria – Family Dentist Victoria

If you are experiencing cavities or oral trauma, such as a chip or crack in your tooth, then you may require a bonded filling. However, before making any decisions about your oral health, it is best to make sure you are informed of the available options and their effects. Consult a dental health professional such as one of our Victoria, BC dentists if you are considering any procedure.

A bonded filling is often placed when there is damage to the tooth that requires structural report. The key difference between a tooth-colored bonded filling and other variations is the coloration. Talk with an oral health professional to see what option is better for you, as stylistic elements may play a role in your decision but should not be the only one.

A tooth-colored bonded filling uses a composite resin to bond directly to the natural structure of your tooth. If it has properly bonded, the resin creates a seal in the concerned area. This area can be molded and shaped by a dental professional such as dentist in Victoria, BC to help it better fit the structure of your mouth. Bonded fillings aim to support the natural structure of your tooth, but may require the removal of structure to be placed. Additionally, they do not work in every situation so they may not be a viable option for your individual needs.

In some instances, a bonded filling can be placed within one appointment. Additionally, Saanich Dental Group is open on Saturdays to better accommodate your busy schedule. Our team is more than happy to work with you and assist with your oral health needs.

Saanich Dental Group will work with your personal needs to ensure you receive proper oral care. Contact your dentist in Victoria, BC to set up an appointment. Our team offers a variety of dental services, proudly serving as your family dentist in Victoria, BC.