Teeth Whitening – Family Dentist Victoria BC

Teeth whitening treatment is a term for a variety of treatments that can be performed with the goal of altering the colouration of your teeth. Our dentists in Victoria, BC at Saanich Dental Group can offer this treatment for suitable patients that request it.

Your teeth are not naturally white. Their natural colouration will typically range from a yellow or gray tint. As you age, the discolouration will change and likely bring your teeth further away from a colour you may call “white.” Additionally, certain dietary factors can alter the colouration of your teeth. People who frequently consume drinks such as coffee or tea may find that this change happens quicker than those who don’t. But even with all these factors, you should again remember that your teeth are not naturally white. However, you can still use teeth whitening services if you choose to and are a suitable candidate.

It is important to note that progress does not happen overnight and these changes are neither guaranteed nor permanent. If you alter your tooth’s colouration, it will still continue to degrade over time. As such, upkeep on your oral health is important. You will need to continue your oral health care regimen, and teas or coffees will continue to alter your teeth’s colour. However, it does alter the colouration towards a whiter tint which may be what you desire.

Some clinics such as Saanich Dental Group offer Zoom whitening as well as whitening trays to as a method of cosmetic dentistry in Victoria, BC. Zoom whitening is a procedure that typically takes an hour and uses a machine inside a dental office. Its specialized appliance uses LED technology while oral whitening trays typically use a dental substance. You should consult a dental professional before receiving any specific treatment.

If you are interested in our teeth whitening services, contact us today. Additionally, you can request an appointment online. If you aren’t certain about the treatment, you can also contact us for information or a cost estimate prior to your treatment.