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Root canal therapy is often performed by your dentist in Victoria, BC in the instance that a tooth has undergone severe decay or trauma that has allowed the dental pulp to degrade or decay.

Dental pulp is the tissue within the tooth and also houses many nerve endings. That is part of the reason that many patients that have damaged dental pulp experience a noticeable pain perceived in their tooth. However, dental pulp may not present symptoms in its early stages of damage if there has not yet been damage that affects the nerve endings.

A root canal therapy is a procedure offered by our Victoria, BC dentist in which a dental tool is used to remove infected pulp within the tooth. After the procedure, the area is filled with a dental sealant which can be composed of various materials. Your dentist may also recommend the use of a dental crown. This is a device that is placed over the visible surface of a tooth after certain dental procedures. It is important to note that the completion of this procedure does not guarantee you protection against developing bacteria or damage. We recommend a thorough oral health care regimen. This can reduce the risk of further degradation as well as give you opportunities to check your oral health at home. However, we still recommend regular checkups with an oral healthcare professional such as your Victoria, BC dentist.

Certain types of anesthetic can be used in conjunction with a root canal therapy. These anesthetics alter the perception of sensations such as pain. These are not a universal solution, and you should check with a medical professional about the types of sedation available for you. Additionally, these are temporary and cannot prevent all pain experienced as a result of a procedure.

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