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Orthodontic & Orthopedic treatments are designed with the goal of altering the alignment of your teeth. They are not an immediate fix and they are not applicable to everybody’s situation. That means if you are considering one of these treatments, you should consult with an oral health professional such as a dentist in Victoria, BC.

There can be many possible reasons for a patient to desire an orthodontic & orthopedic treatment for their mouth. There may be a concern over an aesthetic appearance, or issues caused from misaligned teeth. No matter the reason, it is best to be informed on issues that may arise with your oral health.

An orthodontic treatment often begins with orthopedics. This can use removable oral appliances such as retainers that are designed with the goal of realigning your teeth. It is important to note that patients may experience a perceived tightness or discomfort during this process, as the retainer can cause directional stress on the teeth.

Another treatment that may be recommended for you is the use of braces. One way that braces differ from an oral device such as a retainer is that they can typically only be used by an oral healthcare professional. This is due to the fact that braces are more permanently placed in your mouth than retainers as they are often affixed to your teeth.

But like any procedure, every case is unique. Some oral health professionals will offer Invisalign Invisible Braces in Victoria, BC. This is a removable oral device that is designed to be more translucent than some other orthopedic options. They are removable much like braces, but still must be worn regularly.

These treatments can be offered to patients of various ages. If you are interested in one of these procedures, your family dentist in Victoria, BC is a professional that can offer further advice. Our team of dentists in Victoria, BC are more than happy to help you with the concerns about the alignment of your teeth at Saanich Dental Group. For more information, contact us today or request an appointment.