Implant Restoration with Dentist Victoria

Implant restoration is a service that may be offered to patients that experience their dentures falling out or loosening on occasion. However, it can also be used as a method of stabilizing certain types of dental appliances. No matter your reason, if you want implant restoration, your dentists in Victoria, BC are here to help you figure out a desired treatment for your oral health.

Dental implant restorations involve using a device such as a titanium fixture to secure a dental restoration. This is often used in conjunction with existing dentures, or with a dental substitution such as a dental crown.

During the process, an oral surgeon will enter your gums and affix the implant into your jawbone. Once it is placed, you must allow time for it to heal over and bond with your bone tissue. You should discuss this procedure with a dental professional such as your Victoria, BC dentist to ensure you have the full information on this procedure and potential side effects. Once the procedure has been completed, a dental professional should be able to place your oral appliance or fixture onto the implant and advise you on proper treatment.

The procedure can alter the look of some aspects of your mouth, but we recommend having stylistic aspects secondary to safety and function. A dental implant has the possibility of reducing bone shrinkage that can happen after certain dental procedures, but cannot be guaranteed.

This procedure is not for everyone, and you should consult with an oral healthcare professional to help determine if it is right for you. If you have sufficient gum tissue, you may be a candidate for an implant. Our Victoria, BC dentists at Saanich Dental group can perform a comprehensive examination to help check your candidacy. If you have questions, contact us today. Our office is open on Saturdays to help suit your schedule. We are conveniently located at Shelbourne and McKenzie near the University Heights Mall.