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It is important to check your oral health at home by doing regular analysis and cleanings through the use of a recommended oral hygiene regimen. However, it is likely not enough for you to rely entirely on yourself for the maintenance of your oral health. You should supplement your oral health treatments with regular visit to an oral healthcare professional, such as a dentist in Victoria, BC at Saanich Dental Group. An oral healthcare professional can work with you to keep a record of your oral health through dental checkups and cleanings. They can check your teeth and gums for oral health problems that may arise while doing a cleaning of your mouth.

This treatment allows your dentist to work with your individual needs and see the progress that you are making with your oral health. Additionally, by detecting issues that may arise, we can suggest changes to your healthcare regimen that may benefit you. Some issues such as periodontal disease do not present symptoms in their early stages. You give yourself more methods to detect issues that may have formed in your life by visiting an oral healthcare professional such as your dentist in Victoria, BC.

Nobody has exactly the same mouth, so your service cannot be the same as everybody else’s. As such, a hygiene service treatments can also be personalized to you. Depending on your specific needs, an oral healthcare professional can perform fluoride treatments, non-surgical gum therapy, and even professional breath-freshening treatments. We understand that you have concerns about your mouth, or maybe you just want to do some upkeep. No matter your reason, these services are here for your oral health.

Our entire team at Saanich Dental Group is here for you and your family’s oral health. If you are looking for a Victoria BC dentist to help with the upkeep of your oral hygiene, contact us today or set up an appointment. We are also open on Saturdays in order to better suit your busy schedule.

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