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Dental crowns are an oral device which can be placed over the existing structure of a tooth when it has experienced certain types of damage or decay. The dental crowns are designed to emulate your tooth, but will not function exactly as the original did.

A crown has similar function to a porcelain veneers or a bonded fillings in the way that all the devices aim to treat structural damage that has been done to the tooth while supplementing the tooth’s remaining natural structure. A crown is often used in instances when a tooth has received significant damage, but has enough structural integrity left that it does not require extraction.

During the process, your dentist will have to reduce parts of your tooth to better accommodate the crown. Since the crown is designed to be placed where the original tooth was, your dental professional has to ensure that there is a proper fit.

There are variations in the types of dental crowns we receive. One type of crown is created during a CEREC procedure, which can allow the crown to be placed within a single appointment. It is important to note that no procedure is universal, and you should consult a dentist about your options. If you are looking for a Victoria, BC dentist, our team at Saanich Dental Group will be more than happy to work with you.

But just as there is variety in the treatment, there is a variety of styles available for dental crowns. We feel that the look should be secondary to your oral health, but understand that it can play a factor in your choices. Two common options are created with amalgam or a porcelain or composite. Some people feel that the colouration of the metallic amalgam is more suitable, and some opt for a porcelain device. Both are viable options for your crown. Before making any decision towards your oral health, it is best to contact a dental professional.

Contact Saanich Dental Group today to book an appointment if you feel you need dental crowns. We can be your University of Victoria dentist for students needing help with their oral health.