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Some patients may feel uncomfortable with the use of amalgam materials during their dental procedures. Dental amalgam is a safe procedure, but alternatives are still there. Dental amalgam often contains metallic materials but these are all medically safe.

Amalgam-free fillings forgo the use of amalgam for other materials. Some options that can be used are composed of a porcelain, ceramic, or a composite created through different materials. As such, these can be altered to change their colouration once the procedure is complete. That does not mean that they can be blended to be unnoticable in your mouth, but some alterations can be made to the material’s tint.

It is important to note that there is no detrimental effect noted from the use of amalgam materials in dental procedures. You are more than welcome to use amalgam procedures if you deem these to be beneficial to your oral health. However, if you decide that you wish to use an amalgam-free fillings, there are many ways to do so. Our Victoria, BC dentists offer amalgam-free fillings with our bonded fillings, dental crowns, and dental implants.

Neither treatment guarantees protection to your oral health. However, there are steps you can take to make yourself more aware of issues that may arise in your mouth. It is important to follow a thorough oral hygiene regimen, which can be suggested by your Victoria, BC dentist. This both allows you to do regular cleaning of your mouth, but also give you more opportunities to notice issues that may arise. However, it is also recommended to schedule regular visits to an oral health professional for further analysis.

No matter which your choice is, you should visit an oral healthcare professional to discuss your options. Every person has a unique situation, so it is important to discuss your oral health with a professional to determine a suitable method of treatment for you. Yet, we do acknowledge that some patients also have stylistic preferences so you will want to talk to your dentist about these as well. If you are looking for a dentist to talk with, you can definitely use our Victoria, BC dentist.

Contact Saanich Dental Group for more information about our amalgam-free options. We are also open Saturdays to help fit your busy schedule and we will be more than happy to be your family dentist.