Oral Cancer Screening with VELscope – Dentist Victoria 

Oral cancer is an unfortunately common health problem and can develop in your teeth, gums, lips, throat, and other oral tissues. As such, it is best to maintain regular visits to a healthcare professional.

The best way to combat oral cancer is to detect it as early as possible. A recommended way to do this is by visiting an oral health professional, such as your dentist in Victoria, BC, for regular checkups on the status of your mouth’s health and any developments in oral tissue that cause concern. They can check for growth abnormalities and other signs of oral cancer and recommend treatment in the early stages.

At Saanich Dental Group, we use modern dentistry in Victoria, BC to help detect the presence of cancerous tissues. One of the tools we use is the VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System to check for oral cancer. The wireless system uses fluorescent visualization technology to detect abnormalities in your oral mucosal tissues. It is important to note that VELscope screening is not a standalone diagnostic tool. It is meant to assist your dentist in Victoria, BC in the identification of a potential disease, but does not provide a definitive diagnosis.

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Self-diagnosis may not properly detect changes to your oral health. As such, it is important to visit a dental professional if you have any concern about your oral health. If you try to brush off a concern and do not have it checked out, it can develop further. Additionally, allowing yourself to be concerned about your health but not verifying the case can cause unneeded mental stress.

As such, it is best to have a dental professional examine your oral health. To book your oral cancer screening, contact us today. Your health is important to us, so it is best to keep it properly monitored.