Saanich Dental Group provides oral cancer screenings to check for oral cancer. Oral cancer is quite common and can develop in your teeth, gums, lips, throat and other oral tissues. The best way to beating oral cancer is by detecting it early on. This means that regular oral checkups are an important part of keeping your mouth and oral tissues healthy. Your dentist can check for growth abnormalities and other signs of oral cancer and have them treated before they can develop into more serious stages of oral cancer.

Our practice uses the cutting-edge VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System to check for oral cancer. The wireless system utilizes revolutionary fluorescence visualization technology to detect oral mucosal abnormalities that may not be detected with a regular visual examination. It is completely safe and painless. The VELscope® Vx is recognized by the World Health Organization and is used by dental professionals around the world.

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