Implant Restoration in Victoria BC

Missing, damaged, or rotted teeth cause you difficulties and embarrassment. Fortunately, dental implants in Victoria, BC offer a long-term solution. Across the world, implants offer effective treatment for patients who need:

  • Natural looking tooth replacement.
  • Alternatives to removable dentures.
  • Support for facial structures.
  • Greater ease in eating.
  • Protection for remaining healthy teeth.

Saanich Dental Group offers dental implants in Victoria, BC for all of the reasons mentioned above.


You have the option to choose dental implants as an artificial tooth replacement. When you do, your dentist will insert an implant made of titanium into the jaw. The implant provides a stable base for the replacement tooth to keep it in place.

If you are over eighteen years old, you may be eligible for dental implants in Victoria, BC. To receive dental implants, you should also be free from gum disease and have proper bone structure in order to support the implant.

Find out if you are eligible by visiting our office. Not every patient will be a good match; our comprehensive evaluation and advanced 3D imaging will determine if implants are right for you.


If you have rotting, damaged, or missing teeth, it’s important to find a solution quickly. Your remaining healthy teeth will begin to shift when there are gaps in your smile. You can avoid damage to your other teeth by acting quickly to fill in the gaps. Dental implants provide a solution that stays fixed in place and offers long-term results.

Our dentists will happily evaluate your situation. Once we’ve taken a look at your teeth, we will recommend a solution and get the process started. Contact Saanich Dental Group at 250-477-7321. If you are ready to get back to the confidence of a natural-looking smile, we can get you there.