Comprehensive Dental Hygiene Assessments

Clean healthy teeth and gums make you feel better both inside and out. By having your teeth cleaned regularly you will keep on top of dental problems, helping prevent more expensive dental treatments in the future. Our hygienists are friendly and skilled; they truly care about their patients health and comfort. And by having a large team of hygienists here at our dental practice, we make it possible for families to be scheduled in at the same time, which is a service not offered by many other dentists in Victoria.

Our hygienist team offers a range of services including:

To us, there’s nothing better than a beautiful & healthy smile.

For more oral hygiene instruction please have a look at some of our helpful info sheets and videos.

Professional Cleanings

Cleanings will be done either with an ultrasonic scaler or hand scaler to remove plaque and tartar. Mechanical polishing is done to remove stains if needed. The frequency of cleanings is based on individual need, as some people benefit from having cleanings more often.

Fluoride Treatments

Are offered on an individual basis. The need for a fluoride treatment is determined based on risk of cavities. This can be especially important for older adults with exposed root surfaces.

Tooth Desensitizing

There are a number of products available to help decrease hot, cold, and sweet sensitivity, a common problem for many adults.

Laser Dental Treatments

The laser gently penetrates the gums to disrupt any bacterial activity that may be causing inflammation. With less inflammation, the laser hygiene therapy can reduce up to 99% of bleeding.

The most common types of dental lasers are diode lasers, which are usually employed to treat soft tissue problems. Our dentists and hygienists will decide which type of laser is best suited to your individual needs after conducting X-rays and a thorough examination.

Tooth Whitening

We offer in office whitening and take home custom tray whitening that is customized to your specific needs. Zoom and Spa Dent tooth whitening products come in a number of different bleaching concentrations, helping you to achieve a nice bright smile. Please call to book a consultation to see if whitening may be right for you.

Custom Sports Mouthguards

A properly constructed mouthguard may prevent broken teeth, and may prevent a host of sports-related mouth and facial injuries if used during sports activities.

Free Consultations

Children ages 5 and under are welcome to have an introductory visit at no charge.