CEREC Dental Restorations in Victoria BC

If you need to receive a dental implant such as a dental crown or a porcelain veneer but do not have the time in your schedule, a CEREC procedure is designed to create a substitute dental implement within the dental office.

The first stage in the process is that your dentist will examine the tooth to find out what type of treatment is most suitable for your mouth’s needs. This could be anything from a crown to a veneer, so we will have to determine what your case entails. CEREC is just one part of modern dentistry in Victoria, BC available.

The CEREC procedure functions by using a device to take a digital image of your teeth in order to get the specifications required for your upcoming device. Your dentists in Victoria, BC can use this rather than a physical impression. Both types give a suitable impression of your tooth to create the implement, but the methods differ.

Once we have completed the analysis, your dentist at Saanich Dental Group can use a machine to craft the CEREC material to your tooth’s specifications. This machine-oriented method allows you dentist to typically complete the process within an hour. By using this CEREC procedure, your Victoria, BC dentist is able to do most of the procedure inside the dental office. There is likely no need to use a temporary appliance since it can be ready within the appointment.

Even if you do not opt to receive a CEREC treatment, you should not push off caring for your oral health. It is recommended to maintain regular visits with an oral healthcare professional to keep regular updates on your mouth’s help.

For more information on CEREC or any other of our options to treat your oral health, contact Saanich Dental Group. You are also able to request an appointment right now by clicking here. Our office is open on Saturdays to help fit your busy schedule.